Husband, Father, Furniture Maker

Since an early age, Sam Rouse has always had an interest in woodworking. So it came as no surprise to his family and friends when he and his expecting wife decided to pursue Sam's passion by moving to Scotland to attend the prestigious Chippendale International School of Furniture.

Inspired by his newborn daughter, Sam wanted his first professional piece of furniture to be dedicated to her in the form of a boat shaped cradle (you can see the piece in our portfolio here).  Sam and his family of three returned to North Carolina to start the family furniture making business where they now reside. 


Our Mission

Sam Rouse Furniture Design's mission is to create heirloom quality pieces of furniture that last for generations. We believe that furniture should tell a story- that you should be able to look at a piece and have wonderful memories flood back into your mind. Your home or place of business is where you spend most of your life. We desire that your home or business is filled with comfortable furniture that is designed just for you and will be with you when memories are made for years to come.


Having furniture that will last hundreds of years is true sustainability. It means fewer resources used over time, and less waste on low quality furniture that is likely to break. We believe in only creating high quality furniture, just like they did hundreds of years ago, a value Sam learned from the "old world" of Scotland. We believe true sustainability is creating something from natural materials that will stand the test of time, and that's exactly what we create.