All of our pieces are custom made to your specifications. Here's a selection of some of the beautiful pieces we have made in the past.


Living Room Buffet

Made of stained maple this Buffet table has unique open fret doors which lighten the look of the piece and give it some cool detail!

French Influenced Dining Table

This eight and a half foot dining table is made of solid Hickory. The design of the legs were influenced by the french countyside style, with a stain to tie it into the American Arts and Crafts movonet of the early 1900s.

Trifecta" Coffee Table

We were very fortunate to work with Hillary Norman on the design for this piece. Made from walnut and curly maple, the "Trifecta" Coffee tables are an elegant design with a beautiful puzzle configuration. Mix and match them to make different shapes to give your living area a fresh look. Pull them apart and you have four different coffee tables to spread around the room for a party. 

Live Edge Dining Table

Planted before WW1, this 110 year old oak tree from a plantation in central North Carolina has seen a lot. With breathtaking grain patterns it tells a beautiful story. Twists, ripples, and circular patterned ray fleck are just some of its amazing features. It was a privilege to be able to work with such a piece of history, that will live on in someones home for 100 more years.


Made out of knotted pine and ash, this table is made to evoke memories of delicious family meals and pleasant conversation. The silhouette of the legs is modeled after the cabriole style which adds a bit of elegant detail, while the scuffing on the legs and apron tie in the weathered feel.  


Nautical themed Baby's Cradle 

Made using traditional boat building techniques, this cradle rocks the baby to sleep with hidden bearings in the legs for a smooth and long rocking motion. Made in the overlapping "clicker" style, this cradle mixes tradition with modern elegance. Ash, fumed oak, elm, and walnut were used to make this a piece to cherish for generations. 


Connect Over Coffee and Games

Made of Walnut, Rosewood, and Sycamore this coffee table has more to it then meets the eye. Open the front drawer then push the center, and under the lid you will find various game boards. From classics like Chess to modern strategy games like Risk, there's something everyone can enjoy. This piece has classy curves which lends itself to a light modern feel. Large butterfly keys in the corners extend downward through the table to become the legs, and the peal back marquetry effect on the lid reveals what is hidden underneath. 


CHurch Lectern 

 This piece was made for a modern church located in a small mining village in Scotland that has a rich Celtic history. Shaped like a Celtic Cross, this lectern incorporates many traditional elements blended with modern curved edges to reflect the church it was made for.  A semicircle of hand-carved oak knots wing each side, and the carved lettering is oil gilded with 24-karat white and yellow gold. The beautiful grain of the Yew gives the center column a slight rustic feel while keeping an overall contemporary appearance.